The development scholarships for bachelor and master degrees at Charles University, Czech Republic-

The oldest, as well as the biggest university in Europe, is the Charles University. Talented students from all over the globe can complete their bachelor as well as masters degree at this university.  Along with the contribution from Czech ministry of education youth as well as sports faculty of social science at Charles University is presenting the limited number of the development scholarship.  This scholarship is for the students who want to undertake bachelor and masters degree from this university in the year2018-19.

About the university

Charles University is the oldest university across the globe which was established in 1348. It is well renowned as the dynamic, modern, prestigious and cosmopolitan institution of higher education. It is the largest as well as most famous Czech university, and the international ranking of this university is best rated.

This university is the leading research universities in Europe. Students get the high quality education from the faculties and experts. Every year development scholarships are provided to international applicants for acquiring various degrees and thus, large numbers of applicants apply of their scholarship program. 

Scholarship Description-

Development scholarship is for pursuing bachelor as well as master’s degree level.  All the subjects offered in the university can be learned when awarded with scholarships. Terms of the scholarship are that students will get the scholarship waiver of school fee for the first semester and one-off payment of 50,000 czk is given for living cost.

School fees for the 2nd semester of the study will not waive.

30th April 2018 is Deadline for the application.

A number of scholarships is limited, and the total of 6 scholarships are offered.


Students of the developing countries are eligible for undertaking the scholarships.


Scholarship requirements are- a student who is applying for undergraduate or master’s studies at the FSV UK, from 2018-19 academic year must be from developing countries.  Students from the countries going through the process of economical as well as political transition can also apply.

Another requirement is that applicants with English not being their 1st language are needed to provide proof of proficiency in English at the higher level as required by the Charles University.

How to apply?

Applicants who want to apply for development scholarship by Charles University, Czech Republic must fill the application form and include following documents in it-

-Complete the application form

-Give motivation essay of not more than the 1000 words in which they are needed to explain that why they need scholarship and what are the goals they want to gain from studies at Charles University

-Two letters of the recommendation from teachers and it must include their confirmation of financial need. An application is needed to be sent to the manager of the international office. Original documents are to be submitted by students.

-Fill the form before a deadline of the scholarship that is 30 April 2019

Interested applicants must apply online and fill application form from official website of the Charles University, Czech Republic before the deadline date.