Enroll for scholarship in bachelor/master program at Dutch research universities

Students who wish to pursue bachelor or master programme at any Dutch research university and university of applied science has the good opportunity. They can enroll in the Holland scholarship for the year 2020-2021.

About Holland scholarship

This scholarship is designed for the international students who wish to pursue bachelor/master degree in the Netherlands. Ministry of education, culture, and science of Dutch government and several universities of applied science and research universities are funding the scholarship for the talented students. Students can enroll to get admission in any of the participating universities of the programme.

Details of scholarship:

Fund – partially funded

Awards – €5,000

Numbers of awards– not mention

Selected Students will get the partial tuition fee as per the norms for the first year. €5,000 will be awarded to the selected students under this programme. And the Award period is one year, and scholarship is available for only once.

Application criteria-

  1. Students should apply in any one of the participating universities under bachelor/master programme.
  2. Students should have non-EEA nationality
  3. They must meet the specific criteria decided by the participating universities
  4. They should not possess a degree from any institution in the Netherlands

Students can also go to the http://www.studyinholland.nl/scholarships/holland-scholarship  to know more.

How to apply?

In order to apply for Holland scholarships go to the official website of participating Dutch universities and view the complete information. Read the complete procedure and follow it. They are requested to read the full description given on the website of different institution and apply only if they are eligible. Apply directly to the institution before the deadline.

Deadline will be either 1 February or 1 may 2020. Students should visit the website of the desired institution to know the correct deadline mentioned by each university. Also, they are requested to read the procedure of selection and how they will be informed of being selected. The procedure of application is online. Please give the valid details and correct information to get enrolled in the institution.

Why Holland?                                                               

Holland is the best country and universities over there offer more than 2100 programmers in English. One can get the high-quality education over there and can get a chance to involve in the community of international students. One can find students from all over the world in the universities of Holland. It is thus a great chance for them to communicate and develop valuable skills by learning with students of other countries. Holland is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world and thus international students can study carefree without worrying.

Research done at these universities are globally recognized and thus placed in the top ranks of the world. Therefore, students who are interested in research programs can be a part of it. They will get an experience of working with an international team and meet people from across the globe.

Therefore, before the deadline comes, visit the website and grab the chance to get the experience of studying in the Netherlands. Fill the necessary details and avail the benefit offered by the Dutch government.