Amsterdam excellence scholarships for international students for students

The university is giving a unique and an extraordinary opportunity to all the individuals who wish to get a hold of a degree from a much-unified university. The people who are evolved in pursuing this course are very much overwhelmed by the way the entire course delivers the prestigious education in almost no amount of time.

The college offers a series of varied scholarship and the this University of Amsterdam has provided a very performing result in all the dimension and is respected all over the world for their social doing for the well-being of the people.


  • The university is designed in such a manner that if they give an allowance to a person regarding waiving off the fees, then they do it. The fee which is being waived is often laid very private as the student can live in the university with his head help up high
  • The motive of waiving off the fees is to encourage students to pursue their education as it’s the most basic need of any individual; the people who are being benefited from it are very lucky and often find them very much fortunate that such a college has given them such a very extensive opportunity.
  • Though the university is very strict in giving the fees waiving to only those individuals who are actually interested in studying to the hardcore of the subjects. The students who are unenthusiastic towards the subjects are not given the scholarship. The scholarship is consisted only for the committed students.


  • The VU fellowship program is mainly made for that individual who is interested in getting a serious outcome form the university. The university ensures any student found uncommitted to the atmosphere shall not be delivered with the compensation of the fees.
  • The student belonging to the Dutch community are not allowed to get admission to the university as the university regulation is very strict when comes to delivering the students the degree that they desire. The university always follows their strict rules and adhere them to the best of their ability.
  • Application instruction
  • The student often overlooks the significant fact that they first have to apply for the masters program before they could any other options. The VUFP scholarship is handed over to only the selective individual who has shown tremendous improvement in all the dimensions of the academics. The application thus needs no other specification other than a committed hard-working student who is actually in need of a scholarship.
  • The deadline for the application form is February 1, 2020, and it is very important that interested students adhere the following deadlines at any cost. The background of the university is highly cherished, and because of these very reasons, people from all walk of lives figure out a way to succeed in the academics of the university. The university adheres its entire primary constitutional nominee and thus follows every sort of tactics which can help every individual to get the desired result.

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Deadline: 1 Feb 2020 (annual)
Study in: Netherlands
Course starts September 2020

Enroll for scholarship in bachelor/master program at Dutch research universities

Students who wish to pursue bachelor or master programme at any Dutch research university and university of applied science has the good opportunity. They can enroll in the Holland scholarship for the year 2020-2021.

About Holland scholarship

This scholarship is designed for the international students who wish to pursue bachelor/master degree in the Netherlands. Ministry of education, culture, and science of Dutch government and several universities of applied science and research universities are funding the scholarship for the talented students. Students can enroll to get admission in any of the participating universities of the programme.

Details of scholarship:

Fund – partially funded

Awards – €5,000

Numbers of awards– not mention

Selected Students will get the partial tuition fee as per the norms for the first year. €5,000 will be awarded to the selected students under this programme. And the Award period is one year, and scholarship is available for only once.

Application criteria-

  1. Students should apply in any one of the participating universities under bachelor/master programme.
  2. Students should have non-EEA nationality
  3. They must meet the specific criteria decided by the participating universities
  4. They should not possess a degree from any institution in the Netherlands

Students can also go to the  to know more.

How to apply?

In order to apply for Holland scholarships go to the official website of participating Dutch universities and view the complete information. Read the complete procedure and follow it. They are requested to read the full description given on the website of different institution and apply only if they are eligible. Apply directly to the institution before the deadline.

Deadline will be either 1 February or 1 may 2020. Students should visit the website of the desired institution to know the correct deadline mentioned by each university. Also, they are requested to read the procedure of selection and how they will be informed of being selected. The procedure of application is online. Please give the valid details and correct information to get enrolled in the institution.

Why Holland?                                                               

Holland is the best country and universities over there offer more than 2100 programmers in English. One can get the high-quality education over there and can get a chance to involve in the community of international students. One can find students from all over the world in the universities of Holland. It is thus a great chance for them to communicate and develop valuable skills by learning with students of other countries. Holland is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world and thus international students can study carefree without worrying.

Research done at these universities are globally recognized and thus placed in the top ranks of the world. Therefore, students who are interested in research programs can be a part of it. They will get an experience of working with an international team and meet people from across the globe.

Therefore, before the deadline comes, visit the website and grab the chance to get the experience of studying in the Netherlands. Fill the necessary details and avail the benefit offered by the Dutch government.

The development scholarships for bachelor and master degrees at Charles University, Czech Republic-

The oldest, as well as the biggest university in Europe, is the Charles University. Talented students from all over the globe can complete their bachelor as well as masters degree at this university.  Along with the contribution from Czech ministry of education youth as well as sports faculty of social science at Charles University is presenting the limited number of the development scholarship.  This scholarship is for the students who want to undertake bachelor and masters degree from this university in the year2018-19.

About the university

Charles University is the oldest university across the globe which was established in 1348. It is well renowned as the dynamic, modern, prestigious and cosmopolitan institution of higher education. It is the largest as well as most famous Czech university, and the international ranking of this university is best rated.

This university is the leading research universities in Europe. Students get the high quality education from the faculties and experts. Every year development scholarships are provided to international applicants for acquiring various degrees and thus, large numbers of applicants apply of their scholarship program. 

Scholarship Description-

Development scholarship is for pursuing bachelor as well as master’s degree level.  All the subjects offered in the university can be learned when awarded with scholarships. Terms of the scholarship are that students will get the scholarship waiver of school fee for the first semester and one-off payment of 50,000 czk is given for living cost.

School fees for the 2nd semester of the study will not waive.

30th April 2018 is Deadline for the application.

A number of scholarships is limited, and the total of 6 scholarships are offered.


Students of the developing countries are eligible for undertaking the scholarships.


Scholarship requirements are- a student who is applying for undergraduate or master’s studies at the FSV UK, from 2018-19 academic year must be from developing countries.  Students from the countries going through the process of economical as well as political transition can also apply.

Another requirement is that applicants with English not being their 1st language are needed to provide proof of proficiency in English at the higher level as required by the Charles University.

How to apply?

Applicants who want to apply for development scholarship by Charles University, Czech Republic must fill the application form and include following documents in it-

-Complete the application form

-Give motivation essay of not more than the 1000 words in which they are needed to explain that why they need scholarship and what are the goals they want to gain from studies at Charles University

-Two letters of the recommendation from teachers and it must include their confirmation of financial need. An application is needed to be sent to the manager of the international office. Original documents are to be submitted by students.

-Fill the form before a deadline of the scholarship that is 30 April 2019

Interested applicants must apply online and fill application form from official website of the Charles University, Czech Republic before the deadline date.